Getting Started

Apache UserALE.js is the UserALE client for DOM and JavaScript-based applications. It automatically attaches event handlers, is configurable through HTML5 data parameters or a JS API, and logs every user interaction on a web page, including rich JS single-page apps.

Note: Work on UserALE.js’ documentation is ongoing. The most notable undocumented feature is the JS API. To get involved, see our Contributing guide.

Include UserALE.js in your project

To include UserALE.js in your project with default configuration, simply include the script tag below:

  <script src="<userale-0.1.0.js>"></script>

Configure UserALE.js

HTML5 Data Parameters are used to configure UserALE.js. For example, to set the logging URL:

  <script src="userale-0.1.0.js" data-url="http://server:port"></script>

The complete list of configurable options is:

Param Description Default
data-url Logging URL http://localhost:8000
data-autostart Should Userale.js start on page load true
data-interval Delay between transmit checks 5000 (ms)
data-threshold Minimum number of logs to send 5
data-user User identifier null
data-version Application version identifier null
data-log-details Toggle detailed logs (keys pressed and input/change values) false
data-resolution Delay between instances of high frequency logs (mouseover, scroll, etc.) 500 (ms)
data-user-from-params Query param in the page URL to fetch userId from null
data-tool Name of tool being logged null