Getting Started

The Apache SensSoft system provides a simple, ready-to-go deployment. The deployment is containerized with Docker. It includes the UserALE backend, Distill, and Tap. It requires Docker Compose to be installed and working.

Configure Tap

Tap, as a Django project, requires a file to run. Before you begin, create and add the file to /docker/tap/

  Secret Django settings for tap project.

  # SECURITY WARNING: keep the secret key used in production secret!
  MY_SECRET_KEY = '<yoursecretkey>'
  MY_DB_NAME = 'tapdb'
  MY_DB_USER = 'tapuser'
  MY_DB_PASSWORD = '<dbpassword>'
  MY_DB_HOST = 'db'


Install and Run with Docker Compose

To build and start the system:

  docker-compose build
  docker-compose up

Tap will be running at localhost:8000.

To shut down the system:

  docker-compose down